The Minnesota Section IFT 2021 Suppliers' Expo will follow all local COVID-19 guidelines including wearing masks.

Expo Date: October 12, 2021

Booth Registration

  1. We recommend logging in before registering for your booths as this will assign the booths to your profile. This will make it easier to edit your booths and check the payment status as well.
  2. To begin registration choose a broker or No Broker to show the booth map. On the booth map click a green pin on the map then the registration button in the box that appears.
  3. You can also register for multiple booths at the same time. Once you click the register button on one of the booths you want it will let you add any additional booth numbers for registration.

A clean version of the map without the pins is available here.

Search/Download Exhibitors

If you have a broker select it from the list below, otherwise select No Broker.

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