Leadership Team

The Minnesota Section is a regional section of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) with a tradition of excellence and leadership development. The territory of the section includes Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, northern Iowa and northwestern Wisconsin. The organizational meeting of the Minnesota Section of IFT was held on October 15, 1956, at the Hotel Normandy in Minneapolis. In March 1957, the Constitution and Bylaws were adopted. The membership has grown from the original 18 in 1956 to over 1000 members, making it one of the largest sections of the Institute of Food Technologists.


Foster a local initiative that promotes science and innovation that is accepted as essential for a safe, nutritious and sustainable food supply.


To advance food science and nutrition with local partners across the food system.

Strategic Priorities

  • Develop: Advance and Promote Careers in the Science of Food
  • Network: Establish Productive and Interactive Local & Global Networks
  • Include: Enable Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
  • Strengthen: Financial Assets and Transparency to Section

Develop: Advance and Promote Careers in the Science of Food

  • Supporting students and future professionals in related undergraduate, graduate, and training programs through strategic alignment, promotion and support of MN IFT student members
  • Recognizing, promoting and elevating exceptional volunteer and academic accomplishments in the science of food through MN IFT sponsored scholarships and awards
  • Providing training opportunities & leadership developmentthat can be leveraged for individual career goals propelling food industry professionals

Network: Establish Productive and Interactive Global Networks & Community

  • Providing an essential regional network and source of scientific & industry content by continuing to respond to the needs of our members to deliver local member value and strengthen connections with IFT
  • Cultivating collaborative relationships with industry,academia, government & other food related non-profit organizations to articulate the value of IFT engagement
  • Increase outreach activities to promote the food profession
  • Be an advocate for MN IFT, innovation and solving food-related problems

Include: Enable Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

  • Embrace an inclusive culture where all MN IFT members and volunteers experience an elevated sense of community, belonging and opportunities to succeed
  • Promote awareness, understanding and agreement of IFT's D&I definition and related mission and vision
  • Demonstrate fully and consistently that IFT serves a diverse population within its membership and professionals in food science and nutrition

Strengthen: Financial Assets and Transparency to Section

  • Demonstrate “open books” mentality to ensure by-laws are being followed and assets are being invested appropriately and expenditures are appropriate
  • Maintain diverse allocation of assets supporting vision and mission
  • Promote honest, active discussions at executive board meetings to encourage positive feedback, participation and engagement

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