MNIFT – Past Presidents

Leadership Team

The organizational meeting of the Minnesota Section of IFT was held on October 15, 1956, at the Hotel Normandy in Minneapolis. In March of 1957 the constitution and by-laws were adopted. The membership has since grown from the original 18 in 1956 to over 1,000 members, making it one of the largest Sections of the National IFT Organization.

1957 George Youland International Multifoods, Inc.
1958 Jolyon Stein The Pillsbury Company
1959 Geral Vacha Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture
1960 Howard Bauman The Pillsbury Company
1961 Paul Ramstad General Mills, Inc.
1962 Herbert Barnes General Mills, Inc.
1963 Stanley Chong Marvel Foods
1964 Ray Mykleby Land O'Lakes, Inc.
1965 Ray Anderson General Mills, Inc.
1966 John Jackson Green Giant Company
1967 Morton Cole Archer Daniels Midland
1968 Frances Cheng Norvatis Nutrition (Nestle)
1969 Don Emery General Mills, Inc.
1970 Morris Katz The Pillsbury Company
1971 Frank Busta University of Minnesota
1972 Walter Carlson General Mills, Inc.
1973 Herbert Barnes General Mills, Inc.
1974 Paul Addis University of Minnesota
1975 George Decelles International Multifoods, Inc.
1976 William Hobbs General Mills, Inc.
1977 Eugene Sander University of Minnesota
1978 John Hall General Mills, Inc.
1979 Rusty Nelson International Multifoods, Inc.
1980 Theodore Labuza University of Minnesota
1981 Elwood Caldwell University of Minnesota
1982 William Davidson General Mills, Inc.
1983 Dale Anderson General Mills, Inc.
1984 Barbara Dros General Mills, Inc.
1985 Edmund Zottola University of Minnesota
1986 Gint Behrens University of Minnesota
1987 Mary Schmidl Novartis Nutrition (Nestle)
1988 Lorraine Smith University of Minnesota
1989 Kay Franzen General Mills, Inc.
1990 Mary Wagner General Mills, Inc.
1991 Glenn Corliss General Mills, Inc.
1992 Gary Richter Norvatis Nutrition (Nestle)
1993 Julie Jones St. Catherine University
1994 Gary Geist Land O'Lakes, Inc.
1995 John Ringstrom Ibberson Engineering
1996 Polly Olson Davisco Foods International
1997 Marcia Richter The Pillsbury Company
1998 Amy Nelson Davisco Foods
1999 Kris Nelson Grain Millers, Inc
2000 Steve Ridley University of Wisconsin-River Falls
2001 Jim Langler Land O'Lakes, Inc.
2002 Shirley Gengler General Mills, Inc.
2003 Carolyn Thomas University of Minnesota
2004 Brenda Knapp-Polzin General Mills, Inc.
2005 Lisa Pannell General Mills, Inc.
2006 Lisa Povolny General Mills, Inc.
2007 Steve Kaufman G.C. Hahn USA
2008 Pamela Lawson General Mills, Inc.
2009 Dan Kennedy Solae, Inc.
2010 Tonya Shoenfuss University of Minnesota
2011 Kimberly Mikalunas Target, Inc.
2012 Naomi Sundalius Bellisio Foods
2013 Cheri Jones Kraft Foods
2014 Gary Reineccius University of Minnesota
2015 Sharon Herzog Grain Millers Inc.
2016 Mary Schmidl University of Minnesota
2017 Beth Ann Nylander Bellisio Foods, Inc.
2018 Rachel Prososki Qualitech
2019 Kumar Mallikarjunan University of Minnesota
2020 George Annor University of Minnesota
2021 Emily Grisbeck General Mills, Inc.
2022 Kasiviswanathan Muthukumarappan South Dakota State University
2023 Hasmukh Patel US Dairy and Foods Consulting LLC