Suppliers’ Expo

Suppliers' Expo Committee

2016 Suppliers Expo a Success

Thank you to the University of Minnesota student volunteers and industry volunteers that made the show a success.


Next Year’s show is scheduled for Oct 26, 2017. Registration link and details will be available by Summer 2017.

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Industry Volunteers

  • Tina Hacker
  • Elana Schwartz
  • Natasha Dsouza
  • Nick Hartman
  • Segolene Leclercq
  • Beth Ann Nylander
  • Fern Panda
  • Leslie Rask

University of Minnesota Volunteers

  • Billy Kalil
  • Vaidhyanathan Anantharamkrishnan
  • Chelsey Hinnenkamp
  • Alexandra Kuechel
  • Aaron Tiesel
  • Paige Pfaffe
  • Igor Sepelevs