2022 Executive Director Vacancy



Location: Hybrid working required (working from home and attending meetings/events in person)

Status: Fixed-term Contract – Part Time /other options may be considered (no benefits); may be renewed; person must be local.

First year exception: Below is the “ideal job description”. For the first year (2022-2023), see specifics as described in the Excel Spreadsheet (provided upon request). During 2022-2023 the tasks are limited and well defined.


The Executive Director (ED) provides administrative continuity and historical knowledge from MNIFT administration to administration (from year to year). This leadership role with the Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the MNIFT delivers its activities and programs in accordance with its strategic plan and its bylaws, ensuring best practice is upheld in terms of good governance. The ED works closely with the Board of Directors and other key stakeholders. The ED provides additional representation for MNIFT, helping to obtain general support, financial sponsorship, marketing and promotion of MNIFT. The ED’s priorities and objectives are reviewed and potentially revised from time to time by the Board of Directors. The ED will report on activities and performance at Board meetings to keep them appraised of progress against plans and budgets.

Note: The ED may not be elected to the Board of Directors of MNIFT or be a voting member of the Board of Directors. The ED is expected to attend the Board of Directors, committee meetings and all events of MNIFT. The ED must act in the best interests of the Board of Directors, treating all members equally. The ED reports to the Board of Directors yet on a consistent, established and regular basis communicates with the President.



  • Working with the 3 Presidents (President-Elect, President, Immediate Past President) Board of Directors, Committees, Consultants, and webmaster to ensure that the activities of MNIFT are consistent with its Agreements, Bylaws and Board-approved operating procedures and policies.
  • Work with the Bylaws Committee to assist that committee in developing changes to the Bylaws to keep those consistent with best practice and the present and future needs
  • Monitor the work of committees, including guiding the chairs as required or act as a resource and report to the Board any concerns identified.
  • Maintains official records and documents and ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations e.g., IRS and State of Minnesota.
  • Jointly, with the Board of Directors writes official correspondence on behalf of MNIFT, and jointly, with designated officers, executes legal documents within delegated authorities. E.g., sponsorships, website/social media services, newsletters, financial services.

Strategy and Business Planning:

  • Supports the Board of Directors in developing and delivering a strategic plan that will ensure MNIFT can successfully fulfils its Mission.
  • Creates and manages a rolling business plan (as time permits/depends on budget approved for the year) in line with the strategic plan which delivers MNIFT’s ongoing work as well as developing new programs of activity through the cooperation and involvement of the MNIFT Board of Directors members and other
  • Provides information and reports for the Board of Directors to monitor performance of activities and projects against the agreed plan, as necessary, for the Board to function effectively and to make informed decisions.
  • As needed, interacts with other sections and other professional and scientific organizations.

Financial Management, Performance and Controls:

  • Together with the Treasurer and Finance Committee, develops and maintains sound financial policies and processes (as needed).
  • Together with the Finance Committee, and the Board of Directors, prepares a budget and ensures the Board of Directors continues to operate within budget. The ED may only be needed as an observer.
  • Maintains a risk register for annual re-evaluation by the Board of Directors, providing on-going assessment of business risks, notifying the Board of Directors of any undue risks.
  • Works with the Board of Directors to initiate fundraising (optional)

 External Representation

  • Enhances MNIFT’s reputation by representing the Board of Directors externally in the community and by working closely with other stakeholders.
  • Oversees public and media relations, communication and marketing activities ensuring that the MNIFT activities are communicated effectively.


  • Other responsibilities as agreed with the Board of Directors.

Remuneration:  Fixed-term Contract – Part Time Preferred ($10,000 per year; flat rate)

Other options may be considered e.g., Bonus for Fundraising activities (TBD)

Starting date:  Immediately

Performance Review: An annual performance review will be conducted to determine if the Board will continue with this position. A review will be done at six months the first year.

Location:  The Executive Director can work from home, but some travel is required. Reimbursement for travel per IRS rate. Attendance at all MNIFT events is required and attendance will be free.

Applicants should send the curriculum vitae, references to Search Committee Cochair: mschmidl@umn.edu.